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Ever wonder why your utility bills sky rocket in the summer or why you can't seem to keep the temperature balanced throughout your home in the winter. Looking to remodel but not sure where to start? Can't seem to find where that leak is coming from, or my doors are sticking, do I need foundation repair? For answers to these questions and others our troubleshooting, consulting and home physical services can solve these problems.


Call us for help with troubleshooting problems. We'll figure out where the problem lies, and put you in contact with reliable repairmen to get the problem fixed.


Maybe you're dreaming about a new kitchen, a new bath, home theater or room addition. We can show you the most affordable ways to make your dreams come true with the latest in technology and comfort. We'll put you in contact with quality contractors that you can depend on.


Home Physical

Can't seem to get those utility bills under control?

A home physical will let you know how or where the energy is escaping from or entering your home. For example we check the following:

- Ventilation

Examine ventilation system of attic and walls to determine if enough devices are properly installed to allow adequate cross ventilation. Cross ventilation removes heat by convection and prevents excessive heat buildup in attic spaces on hot summer days and removes moisture from attic and ceiling insulation.

- Insulation

We examine the condition of insulation in attic to determine if maximum resistance from heat gain or loss is being maintained.

- Air Conditioning System

We examine air conditioning system ductwork for leaks on air supply and returns. We examine performance temperature differentials between supply and return registers.

- Exterior

We examine caulking and weather striping around windows and doors. Check for installation of radiant barriers to shield the home from excessive heat gain.

You can depend on Advantage Home Inspection Services to answer your home improvement questions or to solve your homes problems. We have the answers.

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