New Construction

New Construction / Builder Warranty Inspections

Most new home builders offer a warranty for either 12 or 18 months. During this period, if anything breaks or you notice something that the contractor may have missed you should able to contact the builder and he will fix it, for free. Unfortunately, this is not always the way things work in real life. Often, the builder will delay, or claim, “Hey, we built it to the code”. Or, maybe you waived your right to an independent home inspection because “it was a new home,” but now you are not sure if it was right. Do you want to live with excuses?

Our Licensed & Certified Home Inspectors must go above and beyond local municipal building inspections. Advantage Home Inspection Services inspectors inspects homes pursuant to nationally recognized ASHI Standards of Practice and not only be concerned with checking to the minimum standard, but for your safety, satisfaction and value.

We will work for you and want your home to continue to be safe, comfortable and worry free for a long, long time. We provide a written Home Inspection Report complete with color photographs. This document leaves your builder with no wiggle room and no excuses. If a home Inspection says there is a problem, there is a problem, and the Home Inspector has a defined set of Standards and a National Professional Organization backing him up. A Builder’s Warranty Inspection is really the final step in buying a newly built home.

Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing systems including plumbing drain, waste and vent system, water and gas piping, electrical distribution system, visible air conditioning duct work, venting, air handlers and heaters are inspected for safe and proper installation.

This inspection is similar to the general home inspection with specific attention to detail.

  • All systems & equipment are operated throughout the dwelling to insure proper installation and performance.
  • All structural points are inspected such as site drainage, exterior wall coverings, flashings,  interior & exterior doors, walls, ceilings, floors, roof framing & bracing, ceiling insulation, attic ventilation and roof covering.
  • Once your New Construction / Builder Warranty inspection is complete, you can be confident that your new home will be functional, durable, and efficient.
ASHI Certified

Educated . Tested . Verified . Certified

ORCIA Oklahoma Residential & Commercial Inspection Association

Certified Master Inspector